Can You Freeze Philadelphia Cream Cheese? Easy Guide!

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Fortunately for all of us, you can, in fact, freeze Philadelphia cheese, or any type of cream cheese for that matter. It is actually quite easy and helps preserve your amazingly delicious cheese.

Philadelphia cheese is a main part of all of my favorite cheese collections that I usually keep on my cheese shelf. I usually buy it in bulk so that it is available whenever I am craving a creamy dessert.

In this article I am going to walk you through the detailed steps you need to follow to successfully freeze your Philadelphia cheese.
Bear in mind, though, that the resulted cream cheese may not retain the exact same texture as the freshly bought one, but since it tends to retain its amazing taste, I prefer to use it in my homemade, heavenly and creamy cheese sauces.

What is cream cheese?

It is the perfectly soft and creamy cream cheese that’s most popular all over the world as the base for creamy sauce paste used between the red velvet cake layers, cheese cakes, or any dessert really. It is also perfect to be spread on top of bread or crackers.

Philadelphia cheese is the most popular brand of cream cheese. However, many other varieties exists, such as low fat, garlic and herb, chilli and even chocolate.

How to freeze cream cheese

In the case that you bought extra Philadelphia cheese in an offer or a good deal. You better leave the wrapping intact so that it is easier for you to just pop it in the freezer directly. However, if you are planning to freeze an already opened pack of Philadelphia cheese, then you will have to transfer it from its original packaging to another plastic container.

Make sure your cheese is still fresh and edible before freezing it. If it has already been opened for a few days prior to freezing, then it is better not to freeze it at all.

  1. Remove your Philadelphia cheese from its original package once it has been opened, and transfer it to a freezer-safe container, tupperware tubs, or ziploc bag. You can also just wrap your cheese in a few layers of cling film.
  2. Label the container containing the Philadelphia cheese with the date of freezing, the contents of it, and the date it should still be safe for you to eat it.

How long can Philadelphia cream cheese last in the freezer?

Philadelphia cheese can last in the freezer for up to 3 months without any change in its amazing taste.

How to defrost Philadelphia cheese

I prefer to defrost my cream cheese slowly overnight in the fridge. This guarantees a fully defrosted cream cheese that is ready to use. The portion that will be defrosted determines the thawing time required. The smaller the portion, the less defrosting time required.

Don’t expect the cream cheese to have the same exact texture as before freezing. You are free to use it however you want. I do like to cook with it after freezing. That way, texture won’t be much of an issue.


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