Can You Put a Garbage Disposal In a Farmhouse Sink?

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Farmhouse sinks are a popular style of sink that feature an large, open basin and exposed apron front. Their vintage-inspired design lends a touch of old-world charm to any kitchen.

As farmhouse sinks grow in popularity, many homeowners wonder if they can install a garbage disposal with this style of sink. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether you can put a garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink.

How Do Farmhouse Sinks Work?

Farmhouse sinks, sometimes called apron-front sinks, are characterized by their large, undivided basin and exposed front apron.

The apron is visible below the countertop, giving the sink a free-standing, furniture-like look. Farmhouse sinks are most commonly made of materials like fireclay, cast iron, or stainless steel.

The defining feature of a farmhouse sink is the large, single basin. Unlike a double-basin sink, a farmhouse sink has one deep, wide basin designed to hold large items like baking sheets and roasting pans.

The ample basin space also makes these sinks ideal for hand-washing dishes and filling stockpots.

What to Consider Before Installing a Disposal

When determining if you can put a garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink, there are several factors to consider:

  • Size of the sink basin: Most farmhouse sink basins are much larger than a standard kitchen sink. Make sure to select a garbage disposal sized appropriately for your sink’s basin capacity.
  • Depth of the sink basin – Farmhouse sink basins are often very deep. The drain placement and sink depth must allow room for the proper installation and function of the disposal.
  • Age of the sink – Older farmhouse sinks made of materials like fireclay have a porcelain enamel finish inside that can be chipped by a garbage disposal installation.
  • Type of drain – Many farmhouse sinks have drain assemblies that aren’t compatible with garbage disposals. Compatible drains are key.
  • Plumbing requirements: Garbage disposals require a switch, a dedicated outlet, and proper wastewater piping. Make sure your kitchen can accommodate a disposal.

Are Garbage Disposals Compatible with Farmhouse Sinks?

The good news is that yes, you can install a garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink in most cases. However, there are a few requirements:

  • The sink must have enough basin space for the disposal unit.
  • The sink cannot have multiple basins separated by a divider. The disposal requires one undivided basin.
  • An existing disposal-compatible drain assembly (or the ability to install one) is required.
  • The sink material must be strong enough to withstand disposal vibrations without chipping or cracking. Stainless steel and fireclay are good options.

As long as your farmhouse sink meets these criteria, a garbage disposal can likely be added. Just be sure to select a disposal sized appropriately for your sink’s large basin capacity.

Tips for Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal

When selecting a garbage disposal for a farmhouse sink, opt for a heavy duty, high-capacity model designed to handle large volumes of food waste. Here are some key tips:

  • Pick a 34 HP or 1 HP motor. More power will pulverize waste quickly in a deep sink basin.
  • Look for a large grinding chamber. A bigger housing enables more waste grinding capacity.
  • Choose continuous feed. These models have an open throat, allowing more waste to enter versus batch feed models.
  • Get sound insulation. Farmhouse sink basins can amplify noise. Sound insulation helps reduce grinding noise.
  • Consider auto-reverse – This feature helps prevent jams by reversing direction when clogs occur. Useful for heavy use.

Installing a Disposal in a Farmhouse Sink

Installing a garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink involves some special considerations. Here are the basic steps:

  • Switch off electrical and water supply lines.
  • Remove the existing drain basket strainer or drain assembly if needed.
  • Modify the sink opening: The sink opening may need to be enlarged to fit the disposal. Consult sink specs.
  • Attach the mounting ring, slide in the disposal, and connect to the mounting assembly under the sink.
    Use a heavy-duty mount for stability.
  • Attach drain pipe to disposal drain port and install dishwasher inlet if needed.
  • Wire the disposal to a dedicated electrical switch and outlet.
  • Make plumbing connections to the water supply lines.
  • Test for leaks and check that all connections are secure before turning water and power back on.

The key is using the correct mounting hardware and planning ahead for any sink modifications or plumbing work needed.

Farmhouse Sink Disposal Tips

Once installed, a garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink requires some special care and maintenance:

  • Run plenty of cold water. This helps flush shredded waste down the drain.
  • Avoid putting pasta, rice, or bones down the disposal. Starchy foods and bones can get stuck.
  • Clean with baking soda -Occasionally deodorize by grinding a bit of baking soda.
  • Freshen with citrus peels; they’ll help clean the drain and leave a fresh scent.
  • Use a sink strainer when washing dishes. This prevents food particles from going down the drain.
  • Inspect for leaks. Check under the sink routinely to make sure all pipes and connections are leak-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Farmhouse Sink Disposals

Can any garbage disposal be installed in a farmhouse sink?

No, it needs to be a heavier-duty model sized appropriately for the large basin capacity. Pay attention to HP and the space under the sink to determine the right fit.

Do I need a special drain assembly for my farmhouse sink disposal?

Most farmhouse sinks require replacement with a drain specifically designed for use with disposals. The product specs will indicate if your existing drain will work.

How do I clean a garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink?

Run ice cubes and lemon or orange rinds through it to clean and deodorize. Baking soda also helps scrub away odors. Avoid harsh chemicals. Use a sink strainer when washing dishes to prevent clogs.

Why does my disposal in my farmhouse sink shake and vibrate so much?

Excessive vibration usually indicates an improper mount. Be sure you use a heavy-duty mounting system designed for the extra weight and torque. Reinforce with additional mounting hardware if needed.

Should I run my farmhouse sink disposal before or after the dishwasher?

Run the disposal before running your dishwasher to clear out any particles in the sink basin. This prevents them from going into the dishwasher’s pump and clogging it.


While not always straightforward, installing a garbage disposal in a farmhouse sink is certainly possible in many cases.

Pay close attention to the size of your sink basin, construction material, drain configuration, and existing plumbing to determine compatibility.

When in doubt, consult with a professional to ensure proper installation and function. With the right disposal unit and some special maintenance practices, you can enjoy the convenience of disposer grinding in your rustic farmhouse sink.


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