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Cooking salmon can be a bit tricky, as the tender and soft fish meat takes just a few minutes to perfectly cook and few more minutes to turn dry and

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Craving these commercial golden brown, crispy, and mouth-watering deep-fried chicken. And no matter how many times you tried to make it, it never turn out crispy or appealing enough? Well,

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Another deliciously amazing inside-out Japanese sushi recipe that is easily prepared with just a few and simple steps. The Unagi sushi roll. It’s made of the uniquely sweet and savory,

How to Make Godzilla Roll Recipe

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For the best, guaranteed, Amazingly delicious, and mouth-watering pork chops, you have to try the sous vide technique! Sous vide the pork chops allows it to equally cook from edge

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No more take-outs. You will make your own sushi rolls from now on. I present to you another easily made, mouth-watering seafood sushi recipe that comes all the way from

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It’s always a good day when I come across a new sushi recipe. But this is unlike any other sushi roll. It’s a healthy, with low cholesterol and saturated fats,

Easy Amazing Tsukemen Dipping Ramen Recipe

The traditional Japanese dish, Tsukemen, is recently gaining a lot of attention in many American restaurants. Honestly, it does deserve all the attention because of how amazingly tasty it really