What Does Bad Chicken Taste Like? Smart Tips To Know!

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Chicken is a favorite meat in every other home because it’s easy to eat and tastes delicious regardless of what recipe you try. Apart from its taste, another plus point of adding chicken to your diet is that it’s an excellent source of protein after eggs. Thanks to a wide variety of chicken recipes that we can try, we can hardly get bored of it. Whether you cook a chicken meal at home or enjoy one at a fast-food restaurant, you never have any complaints about it.

After exploring the right side of chicken, let’s talk about a dark side that you can’t afford to ignore. Yes, I’m talking about spoiled chicken. Have you ever imagined what will happen if you eat bad chicken? Is it even safe to eat bad chicken? Or what are the main reasons behind a spoiled chicken? Or, most Importantly, What does a bad chicken look like?

Chicken can go bad as it’s categorized under perishable food. Two reasons contributing to its spoilage are temperature and time of storage. As a family chef, it’s your responsibility to serve your family only safe and healthy meals. It won’t be easy to fulfill this responsibility well until you know what does boiled chicken taste like when it’s bad? Or what does bad chicken look like?

Don’t know the answer? We are here to help you. Let’s discover:

4 Methods to Identify Bad Chicken

Here are four simple ways to tell that your chicken has gone bad.

Method 1. Look Closely to Know What Does Bad Chicken Look Like

Please check the color and texture of meat. If you are wondering what a bad chicken looks like, please continue reading to know more. The most unmistakable sign that tells you chicken is spoiled is its color change. In the case of raw meat, the fresh chicken should have light pink color with a firm, shiny texture outside with fatty white pieces, while a spoiled one will have more gray parts than pink.

However, when the color turns purple, gray, or green while fatty pieces are yellow, they are signs of spoilage. Please remember that mild color changes happen in the flesh, like its pink color fading or turning darker due to oxymyoglobin. It occurs when chicken is not very fresh, but it is still edible. But when you can see visible purple shade or worst of all gray or green color of chicken, never cook it. Discard it right away because it’s not edible at all.

Another visible sign that tells you that chicken has gone bad is mold growth. The texture of the chicken becomes slimy. Other signs you may notice are black spots on chicken breast.

Method 2. Smell it to Find out What Does Bad Chicken smell like

FYI, it smells like fish. When your chicken starts smelling like fish, it is not suitable for eating. You shouldn’t cook a chicken that smells like sulfur, ammonia, or sour. If you are a chef who cooks chicken regularly, it’s highly recommended to identify bad chicken via smell or looks. Don’t try tasting it as this way you put your health at risk, which is never a good idea.

Fresh chicken smells like protein. But when you have an unpleasant smell, it tells you clearly that your chicken isn’t good to use anymore. Throw it out and buy another. A bad odor from chicken means it’s of bad quality. Always trust your cooking instinct; if chicken smells fishy or its odor doesn’t feel like it usually is, then don’t cook it. Sometimes, you have a gut feeling that chicken doesn’t smell good, but you are like, maybe I’m overthinking.

Once you cook it, an unpleasant odor circulates all over the kitchen. If the fishy odor becomes vivid, please stop cooking and replace stale meat with a fresh one.

Method 3. Try Eating it to Know What Does Bad Chicken Taste Like?

It has a sour taste. Whenever you go to a restaurant, you come across cooked chicken instead of raw meat. Therefore, you should have a clear idea of how bad chicken tastes to differentiate between the edible and inedible chicken. Just when you start eating this chicken, it tastes sour instead of the usual delicious taste. It also becomes indigestible. It may lead to some health issues if you digest it.

Method 4. Touch it to Figure out How Does Bad Chicken Feel Like?

It always feels sticky. You need to test the freshness of your chicken by touching it. Finger sense is tricky, but you should opt for this method after trying the other three ways explained above. When you let raw chicken outside, its skin will be firm and have a glossy feel due to natural fat. Skin doesn’t feel sticky at all. However, when you touch the skin and notice stickiness, it’s a sign of spoilage. Chicken feels sticky as it produces a slimy substance, which makes chicken bad. To avoid this scenario, you should not let chickens sit outside at room temperature for a very long time.

What Happens If You Eat Spoiled Chicken?

Sometimes, you eat chicken without knowing whether it’s bad or not. If you take one piece of spoiled chicken, it won’t cost you a hospital trip at all. But when you digest too much-spoiled chicken unknowingly, it may lead to food poisoning. Raw chicken and bad chicken breast also contain harmful bacteria detrimental to your health system. Once these bacteria find a way inside your body, they start causing many health issues such as food poisoning, fever, headache, etc. You feel sick and have to vomit sometimes.

Typically, you notice these symptoms several hours after having a meal of bad chicken. The after-effects of these health issues last up to 3 days, and the tendency of these effects depends on the amount of bad chicken you have digested. Many popular chefs recommend you not to eat or cook spoiled chicken to prevent life-threatening food poisoning. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you are eating nothing but a healthy cooked chicken, not a bad one at all.

 What Does Boiled Chicken Look like When it’s Bad?

The color of freshly cooked chicken is white or brown. Once it starts spoiling, its color turns grey or green-grey.

Sometimes, you use seasoning for boiled chicken, and it’s hard to figure out whether the boiled chicken is bad or not. You should not use cooked chicken after four days. If it smells bad or has visible mold, it’s better to throw it out instead of eating it.

How To Store Chicken To Avoid Spoilage?

The fresh chicken turns bad if it’s not stored correctly or kept at the right temperature. If you don’t want to throw away your bad chicken and hard-earned money, it’s time to know how to prevent spoilage by storing chicken in the right way.

Storing Raw Chicken In a Freezer

The best method to store raw chicken is to keep it in a freezer. If you don’t plan to cook chicken within 4-5 days, it’s strongly suggested to keep your meat at a cold temperature. This low temperature will keep your meat fresh and edible. Safe storage time for uncooked/raw chicken in the freezer is approximately nine months.

Storing Raw Chicken In a Fridge

You can also keep your raw chicken in the fridge but only when you plan to use it within 1-2 days. This short time limit is because moisture and other food smell can downgrade chicken quality quickly. So, you must have to use chicken within one or two days. Safe storage time for uncooked/raw chicken in the refrigerator/fridge is 1-2 days.

Ideal Temperature for Storing chicken

Temperature affects taste and food safety. Therefore, you need to store chicken at an ideal temperature of 165°F (73.9°C) for whole or ground poultry. Don’t let raw meat sit at room temperature for more than sixty minutes after taking it out from the fridge. Room temperature creates an ideal breeding ground for food bacteria, which will invade your chicken and spoil its taste.

Keep the temperature of the freezer up to 0°F (-17.8°C) and fridge around 34°F (1.1°C) for storing raw meat. Freezing increases the shelf life of your food.

Storing Cooked Chicken

Always wrap cooked chicken tightly before keeping it in the fridge. You can store leftover chicken in either the freezer or fridge. Safe storage time for cooked chicken in a fridge is 3-4 days and in the freezer is up to 2-6 months.

Final Thoughts

Now you have got an answer to the question, “What does bad chicken taste like?” It’s never an enjoyable experience to eat bad chicken and suffer from food poisoning. Therefore, you should learn to tell whether the chicken is bad or not. You know about four methods that help you detect signs of spoilage by looking, smelling, touching, and tasting chicken. Try them and always eat healthy chicken.


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