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How to Reheat Quiche to Keep the Crust Crispy

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Quiche (pronounced as “keesh”) is French cuisine that has a tart base with a mushy filling. Its name is said to be of German origin which means pie or tart.

The ingredients vary, but it is usually made up of eggs, heavy cream, cheese, and bacon. Vegetables, seafood, and other meat can also be added.

This heavy custard-like pie can be eaten as a main dish or a snack. It can be eaten straight out of the fridge. But it is preferred when reheated first. There are 3 ways on how to reheat quiche so you can enjoy it warm.

3 Ways on How to Reheat Quiche

How to reheat quiche in air fryer?

Reheating quiche in air fryer is a good way to reheat food. How to reheat quiche with this method calls for following the exact temperature of 300F.

If you set it lower than 300F, the dish will not heat thoroughly. Setting it any higher will result in a much harder and drier quiche.

To reheat quiche in an air fryer, preheat the fryer to 300F. While waiting, warm the quiche down to room temperature. Reheat a few slices for 4-7 minutes, depending on the size of each slice.

You can also reheat the whole tart if it fits your air fryer. But make sure not to exceed the 7 minutes or else it will overheat and dry up!

Air frying is a delicate dry heating method. It thoroughly heats the edges of food faster than its middle part. You need to be careful in following the instructions if you plan to use this method.

Reheating Quiche in An Oven/Toaster Oven

Reheating Quiche in an oven or toaster oven is usually the most suitable method. You get an outer flaky crust while the egg filling inside remains soft.

Quiche needs to reach room temperature before popping it in the oven. While you are waiting for the quiche to warm up on the counter. Preheat your oven to 350F.

Lay the quiche on a wire rack. A rack is better than a tray. The flow of heat will penetrate deep into the thick crust and won’t be trapped so that the exterior of the quiche won’t be soggy.

If any of the already reheated quiches is ready, cover it tart with foil. This will prevent it from getting burned outside. The foil also helps in reheating the filling as it traps heat and moisture within.

But you need to remove the foil after 2/3 of heating time to keep the crust crisp and the filling semi-moist. A semi-dry filling or stuffing is ideal for a quiche.

5-10 minutes is all you need to reheat a slice of quiche in an oven. If you’re reheating the whole pie, it may take 10-20 minutes more. If you pop it right in the oven straight from the fridge, the time would stretch to 10 minutes more.

Stick a knife or thermometer deep into the filling to see if the whole tart has been warmed up. You should know whether it is done or not if the pulled knife is hot enough or if the thermometer reads at least 165F.

Reheating Quiche in a Microwave

While not the best option, reheating quiche with a crispy crust in the microwave is doable. But you must know that you cannot physically fit the whole tart inside the microwave and heat it in one go. The pie will be unevenly cooked: there’ll be burnt parts with some cold portions. Reheating 3 slices per batch is better so that the middle part can heat thoroughly.

Reheating quiche in the microwave requires a low power setting. If you have one in your microwave, set it to 50% power. Heat the batch of 3 in a microwavable plate at 30-second intervals until it becomes hot. If your microwave doesn’t have this setting, lower the heating time to 10 seconds interval. Shorter intervals prevent you from overcooking the eggs. As eggs should never be overheated!

Observe the outer surface of the quiche to keep it from burning. You should know if it’s done when the middle of the filling is hot enough.

The crust will be a bit soggy when reheated in a microwave. It isn’t the perfect method, but a slightly soggy quiche is better than no quiche.

Important Tips on How to Reheat Quiche

Quiche is a well-loved dish, so cooking in excess and having a leftover quiche is quite common.  And since it is best served warm, here are some tips on how to reheat quiche:

Before reheating, you should allow the quiche to warm down until it reaches room temperature. Reheating it straight out of the refrigerator will double up your reheating time. It may also greatly affect the texture and quality of the quiche.

When you let your oven or air fryer preheat, make sure the inner temperature of each is 350 and 300, respectively. Transfer the quiche only when either the oven or the air fryer completely preheat. Reheating at the wrong temperature results in an overly moist and soggy quiche.

When heating in the microwave or in an air fryer, always reheat in batches of 2-3 slices. This will heat the quiche well enough without sacrificing the texture of the crust.

Reheating quiche in an oven is your best option, but you should use a wire rack instead of a baking tray. A tray is still good, but a rack is better for heat to flow in and out easily.

The crush is thick and the filling is dense and tall, so a thermometer comes in handy when reheating quiche. There’s a tendency that the middle of the filling can be under-heated. A thermapen ensures that its interior temperature reaches the desired temperature.

Cooldown reheated quiche for a few minutes before serving. You don’t want to get your tongue burned from the straight-out-of-the-oven quiche.

Helpful Tips in Reheating Frozen Quiche

The shelf-life of cooked quiche is 3-days in the fridge. But you can store quiche in the freezer for up to 3 months.

To reheat frozen quiche, allow it to thaw first. But keep in mind that quiche can only be left out at room temperature for a couple of hours.

For faster thawing, move it from the freezer to one of the racks of the fridge. This will allow the frozen quiche to gradually warm up without risking bacterial growth. You should lower the refrigerator’s temperature to low (if possible). When the quiche cools down, remove it from the fridge and let it sit over the counter to warm up more till it reaches room temperature.


How long to reheat quiche in air fryer?

1. Start by placing you room temperature quiche in a preheated air fryer at 300 F.
2. Allow it to reheat for 4 to 7 minutes. Reheating time depends on the size of your quiche.
3. Check the doneness of the quiche by measuring its internal temperature.
4. Once the pastry and the egg filling is hot, serve and enjoy!

How do you store Quiche?

For leftover quiche, you can store it in an airtight container. It’s ok to cut it into slices if the whole pie doesn’t fit in the container. Line the container with a paper towel first, so it can absorb excess moisture when it is stored.

You can also store it directly in the fridge on a baking pan. Just cover the top with foil or cling wrap.

When storing quiche in the freezer, place the slices in a freezer bag, or wrap it in tin foil. You need to keep all the air out as much as you can to avoid freeze burning the quiche. You can use a vacuum sealer to remove the air out.
Soaking the freezer bag containing the quiche in water is also a good trick to remove the air. The water will force the air out of the bag.

If you’ve wrapped it in foil, make sure you wrap it snuggly before storing it in the freezer.

Is Eating Quiche Cold OK?

Quiche can be eaten cold. But for safety and sanitary purposes, reheating it is the better option. Germs will proliferate in the food, even if it is stored in the fridge.

Also, eating it straight out of the fridge can be a soggy mess. Refrigerating can condense the moisture content of food. The droplets might fall on the quiche crust instead of back to the filling. This will make the crust wet and soggy.

Can you Store Quiche Over the Counter Overnight?

Definitely not. Quiche will turn stale and would be unsafe to eat if left at room temperature for too long. Because of the ingredients in the filling, quiche is best stored in the fridge or even better, the freezer.

Quiche can only be left out over the counter for a couple of hours. If you munch on quiche that had sat out for too long at room temperature, you might be food poisoned.

Should you prebake quiche crust?

It’s a-OK to prebake quiche crust. The process is called blind baking, and it’s usually done to avoid the crust getting soggy. The moisture of the filling tends to seep out in the crust while being baked. Prebaking the crust prevents this from happening.

You can add in the filling on the baked crust afterward, but this should only be done in a 24-hour window.

Bear in your mind that you can store prebaked crust in the fridge.

Frittata vs Quiche: What’s the Difference?

Some people mistake frittata for quiche. Although they have a similar egg base filling, frittata has no thick, crispy crust all around it. While quiche has a crusty in outside and a soft inside. Because of this, quiche is less prone to sticking out on a rack or dish.

Hence, it is easier to make than a frittata.

Wrap Up

Quiche is a Parisian dish that you can quickly fall in love with. It’s like pizza but baked like a pie. Once you master making the crust, the ingredients of the filling can be tweaked to your liking. The base filling, though are usually eggs.

Some folks prepare prebaked quiche a day before it is served. Cooking the filling can follow after, and the quality won’t be affected. Leftover quiche is quite a common occurrence.

Quiche can be eaten hot or cold, but cold quiche may become unsafe to eat. Reheating it is advisable and necessary. How to reheat quiche involves a handful amount of tips for it to remain a crusty pie with soft filling.

The oven is the clear winner when reheating quiche. An air fryer can be at par with the oven as well.
It’s tricky to reheat it in a microwave, but it takes less time to do so.

Now that you have every detail regarding the warming up of the Quiche, you can choose whatever method suits you best.


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