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Can You Put a Hydrojug In The Dishwasher?

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Hydrojugs have become incredibly popular water bottles in recent years. Made of BPA-free plastic and known for their stylish designs, Hydrojugs are preferred by many people who want to stay hydrated throughout the day.

But one common question about Hydrojugs is: can you actually put them in the dishwasher to clean them?

Below, I’ll discuss whether or not Hydrojugs are dishwasher-safe, the best way to clean your Hydrojug, and tips for keeping your water bottle fresh and clean over time.

Are Hydrojugs dishwasher-safe?

The short answer is yes. Hydrojugs are advertised as top-rack dishwasher-safe.

Hydro Flask, the company that makes Hydrojugs, states that their bottles are durable enough to be placed in the dishwasher without damage. The premium plastic and powder coating are designed to withstand heat and come out unharmed.

However, even though you can put your Hydrojug in the dishwasher, the company recommends handwashing for best results. The high heat and harsh detergents in dishwashers can degrade the powder coating over time. Handwashing is gentler and helps preserve the coating.

So while putting your Hydrojug on the top rack of your dishwasher won’t immediately damage it, handwashing is still the recommended method for cleaning by the manufacturer.

How to Properly Handwash Your Hydrojug

Since handwashing is best for your Hydrojug, here are some tips for cleaning it thoroughly by hand:

  • Rinse with warm water. Rinse the entire bottle with warm, soapy water. This initial rinse helps remove any remaining beverage, oils, or residue.
  • Use a bottle brush. Invest in a good bottle brush that can scrub the inside of your Hydrojug. The long, narrow brush will help remove any lingering gunk or buildup. Make sure to scrub the entire interior.
  • Clean the lid: pop out the straw and lid and handwash those pieces separately. Use warm, soapy water and scrub with a small brush to remove any residues.
  • Rinse again: After scrubbing the inside and outside, give your Hydrojug one more thorough rinse with clean water. Make sure to rinse the lid and straw as well. This removes all soap residue.
  • Air dry: Let all Hydrojug parts air dry completely before reassembling. Drying prevents mold or bacteria growth.

Tips for Keeping Your Hydrojug Fresh

Here are some additional tips for keeping your Hydrojug tasting and smelling fresh between washes:

  • Clean regularly. Wash your Hydrojug at least once a week, or more if you notice odors or buildup. Regular cleaning prevents contamination.
  • Use baking soda. Occasionally sanitize your water bottle with a baking soda solution. Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda with warm water, scrub the interior, let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse. The baking soda disinfects and deodorizes.
  • Try denture tablets. Drop 1-2 denture cleaning tablets into your Hydrojug and fill with warm water. Let soak for 30+ minutes before rinsing; these tablets work wonders at removing stains and smells!
  • Store properly. Ensure your Hydrojug lid is closed tightly, and store your water bottle in a cool, dry place like a cupboard. Improper storage can lead to mold growth.
  • Replace straws. Straws are prone to buildup over time. Replace your Hydrojug straw every month or two to keep it clean.

Following these tips will help keep your Hydrojug tasting fresh and prevent harmful bacteria from growing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrojugs and Dishwashers

Are all Hydrojugs dishwasher-safe?

Most Hydrojugs are top-rack dishwasher-safe. However, any models with bamboo lids are not dishwasher-safe, as the bamboo could warp or become damaged by the heat and water pressure. Check your specific model for dishwasher compatibility.

Will the dishwasher damage my Hydrojug’s coating?

Over time, the harsh heat and detergents in the dishwasher can degrade and damage the powder coating on your Hydrojug. Handwashing is gentler on the coating. Limit dishwasher use if you want to preserve the coating.

How often should I clean my Hydrojug?

Ideally, wash your Hydrojug by hand after each day of use. At a minimum, be sure to clean it at least 1-2 times per week to prevent bacterial growth. Clean more frequently if you notice odors or stains.

Can I use dishwasher pods to clean my Hydrojug?

You can, but it’s not recommended. The pods contain harsh detergents that can degrade your Hydrojug’s coating over time. For occasional deep cleans, use denture tablets instead for a more gentle clean.

What temperature of water should I wash my Hydrojug with?

Stick to warm water, around 100–110 °F if possible. Water that is too hot can potentially warp or damage your Hydrojug. Be cautious of very hot dishwasher cycles.

Can I clean the lid and straw in the dishwasher too?

Yes, the lid, straw, carrying strap, and other accessories that came with your Hydrojug are top-rack dishwasher-safe. Take them apart and clean them on the top rack. Just be aware that over time, the dishwasher can degrade the materials.

What’s the best way to fully dry my Hydrojug after washing?

After the final rinse, be sure to completely air dry your Hydrojug upside down. This allows all water to drain out and prevents mold or bacteria growth in spots you can’t reach with a towel.

Properly caring for your Hydrojug will help it last for many years! Follow these dishwasher tips and cleaning tricks to keep your water bottle fresh, sanitary, and free of odors.

Maintaining your Hydrojug will ensure you always have a clean, great-tasting source of hydration on hand.


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