Best Ninja BL660 Review

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For people who cook regularly, blender frustration is a real thing.

Sometimes you’ve got to push the ingredients deeper, and at other times you have to chop the veggies into smaller pieces for the blender to work. You may even end up shaking the whole thing in exasperation. Why won’t it just blend?

Luckily, the Ninja professional countertop blender BL660 won’t put you in such a situation. But don’t get your hopes up too high – we’ll be critically reviewing it below, so you know exactly what to expect from it.

From features and specs to its pros and cons, we’ll be discussing all of it in detail. So read on to decide if the Ninja professional BL660 is worth the purchase.

Ninja Kitchen – a Customer-centric  Legacy

Ninja Kitchen belongs to its parent company SharkNinja, which excels at producing house cleaning and kitchen gadgets. Mark Rosenzweig initiated it along with his parents in 1994.

While it may not be the most ancient company you know of, SharkNinja has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and one of the leading small appliance brands in less than four decades.

All thanks to the customer-centric strategies of Rosenweig, the company continues to satisfy and impress its customers with affordable yet innovative gadgets across the globe.

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Ninja Professional Countertop Blender BL660 – Features

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender Features

Here’s all you need to know about this blender’s features:

2-in-1 Blender

Even before using it, you can tell that the Ninja professional BL660 offers good value for the money. It comes with two types of containers and blades – a large container with large blades and a smaller blade with two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups for single servings.

The full-size pitcher is meant for blitzing sauces, dips, vegetables, and pureeing other tough ingredients. Meanwhile, you can utilize the smaller blades and containers for blending cocktails, juices, and smoothies.

The best part? You get To Go lids for both of the single-serve cups, so you can take your freshly blended smoothie when hitting the gym or going to work. The minimalist and sleek design of the cups doesn’t hurt either.

Unique Blade Design

Unlike most blenders, the Ninja professional countertop blender BL660 has a unique blade design. The removable structure runs from the top to the bottom of the pitcher, with six sharp blades of three varying lengths stuck around the pole-like form.

Hence, there’s no need for you to shake the entire thing or use a tamper to get the blending going – the sharp blades running along the pitcher’s height will take care of it.

However, the Nutri Ninja cups come with the pro extractor blade design, similar to the standard blades that most blenders have.

Gigantic Pitcher

The Ninja BL660 has a humongous pitcher – probably the biggest one we know of. It has a whopping capacity of 72 ounces – enough to make cocktails and martinis that will last all night long.

Now, this could either be a dealbreaker or an appealing aspect. It can be a pain in the neck for small kitchens to fit this XL pitcher in a cabinet, but making big batches will be a breeze with the BL660. So there are both points to consider here.

Apart from this, the container material is plastic and BPA-free, eliminating health hazards and preventing the risk of breakage.

A Mighty Motor with a Powerful Performance

The main reason why blenders often prove frustrating is that they don’t have the horsepower to blend tough stuff.

Luckily, this Ninja professional 72oz countertop blender delivers 1100 watts of professional performance power. This is enough to blend veggies like pumpkins and potatoes into the silkiest of purees. It can even crush ice like a boss – something most affordable blenders struggle with.

However, we’re here to state the facts, and the truth is that the BL660 isn’t the best choice for nut butter, ice cream, green smoothies, and hot soups.

The 1100 watts motor isn’t good enough for it, though you can still make average quality green smoothies if you’re okay with small bits of leaves in the drink.

But hey – it may not possess beastly power, but considering the price, it does one heck of a great job at chopping and blending tough stuff.

Simple Controls

Some might say that the Ninja professional BL660 has old-fashioned, way-too-simple features, but they make the job so much easier, especially for those who aren’t very tech-savvy.

The motor base has five buttons – power, 3-speed options, and pulse. The pulse option lets you chop up stuff coarsely, while the high, medium, and slow speed buttons let you blend to varying consistencies.

If you’re a gadget nerd, you may not appreciate this simpleton of a blender. But lack of fancy controls doesn’t mean the gadget isn’t worthy – the Ninja BL660 is as good as any blender.

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ninja professional 72oz countertop blender


  • Affordable price point and great value for the money
  • Versatile for ice crushing, chopping, blending, and pureeing
  • Simple controls that are super easy to work with
  • Powerful 1100 watt motor that won’t give up on you
  • Suction cups at the bottom of the base unit keeps it stable
  • Retractable cord
  • The BL660 ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety features
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • It comes with two types of blades and two Nutri Ninja cups with lids


  • The pitcher is way too tall
  • Not good enough for high-quality nut butter or hot soups
  • Removing the blade could prove dangerous
  • Slightly noisy

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Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 17 inches

Cord length: 76 cm

Color: Gray

Material: Mostly plastic

Voltage: 120V

Model: BL660


Here are some FAQs we answered to help further you reach a decision:

Is the Ninja professional blender any good?

It sure is, especially when you consider the affordable price tag. While it may not be as powerful as a high-end blender, the BL660 Ninja professional 72oz countertop blender is worth every buck for the average home cook.

It not only delivers what it promises but also offers the extra Nutri Ninja cups with a smaller blade. We think this is a pretty sweet deal.

How long do Ninja blenders last?

Yes, it’s a bummer that the warranty lasts only a year, and if you’re not careful, your Ninja can malfunction soon after this. However, if you use it with some love and care, this bad boy can perform for years.

Can you chop nuts in a ninja?

Yep, the BL660 has no problem doing that. We recommend using the Nutri cups to get a finer texture.


Do we recommend buying this Ninja professional countertop blender? Absolutely. But if you have very high expectations from it, you should probably steer clear of it and invest in a higher-end blender like Vitamix.

But Ninja blenders are known for delivering a satisfactory performance while being easy on your pocket.

So if you want a blender that is worthy enough for most kitchen tasks and lasts a good while, then this super affordable blender is an excellent pick.

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