Ninja Mega Kitchen System Reviews

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Quite right! Nothing beats having your kitchen organized without been littered with cooking appliances or any device. Nobody wants cords running on both ends of the kitchen deck or having the bases of your devices occupying a large portion of the kitchen space.

Often you would find different kitchen appliances performing various functions—something like having a personal blender for an after-workout smoothie or a high-power blender for margaritas. You could also have another food processing device for chopping vegetables.

Ok, let’s turn the table around! What if I tell you that you could have a single device performing all that efficiently and with ease? Yes! The Ninja Mega Kitchen System can have all three different devices in one convenient appliance to save you space and stress.

Stay with us as we take a proper review of this product and how it works.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System: An Overview

ninja mega kitchen system Quick Highlights

The Ninja Mega kitchen system is a powerful multi-functional appliance that has driven its root to the heart of every homeowner.

It combines the functionality of a blender, juicer, and food processor in one device to literally have most of your food preparation sorted out efficiently.

The Ninja has built this mega kitchen system in various brands— BL770, BL770A, BL770W, BL771, BL771A, BL771C, BL772, BL772Q, BL773CCO, BL773CO, BL773REF. They all differ in performance and the peripherals that come with them. Notably, they have the same base unit and motor.

All the models come with a professionally designed 72 oz pitcher, 64 oz cup processor bowl with a dough hook, and blade assembly. In any model you purchased, they are all a perfect choice for anyone who likes home cooking and smoothie. They freeze-blend, process food, and extract nutrients from fruits with ease.

The pitcher is well crafted from a durable heat-resistant thick plastic material. When the lid is not locked correctly to the device, the blender won’t attempt to move. The blades from this device are extraordinarily sharp and can cut through fruits and vegetables easily.

Most countertop blenders have a fixed blade system and a non-removable blade for the food processor, but the Ninja Mega kitchen has a removable blade system with 4 main blades.

Here we will analyze the most variant model— the BL770. We will look at every detail and feature that makes this product unique and how well this model performs in the kitchen.

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Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher

The BL770, also known as Ninja 1500 watt Mega Kitchen System, is Ninja’s first multi-purpose kitchen appliance. Its versatility and performance have given it an edge over other countertop blenders.

It has an XL 72 oz crushing pitcher powered by 1500 watts motor that effortlessly pulverizes your frozen fruits to a creamy smoothie in a matter of seconds. This helps to make sure you enjoy every piece of your smoothie making.

Ok, let’s turn to the food processing unit on the device. The 8-cup food processor has 2 dedicated blades for perfect and even chopping off your veggies. For convenient and fast mixing of your doughs, the dough blades can mix 2 pounds of dough in less than 30 seconds.

The device also comes with two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups with lid cover to help you get that personalized juicy drink you have been craving for.

As a matter of fact, the product weighs 9.2 pounds with a dimension of 9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches. Imagine how much space you can save in your kitchen with this single device making your doughs, drinks, and chopping your vegetables.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Features

ninja mega kitchen system Features & Specs

What makes Ninja brands incredible are their features. Their features have been speaking well of them for years in the market, and they offer superb quality in their designs and performance.

Let’s look at the few most desired features that made this brand what it is today.

Variable Speed

The Ninja Bl770 Mega Kitchen System has a whooping 1500 watts (2 horsepower) motor base, 4 dedicated speed buttons, and a pulse function.

This blending power of 1500 watts makes it one of the most powerful blenders in the market today, except for Blendtec and Vitamix with 1616 watts and 1725 watts motors, respectively.

Well, you might never need blenders above 1500 watts, except you are crushing burns.

Patented Ninja Total Crushing Technology

You need to see the crushing power of this product. It is unbeatable and one of the best in the market.

In fact, Ninja’s fame grew high because of the crushing technology, which has proven to deliver unbeatable power in crushing through ices, fruits, and vegetables smoother and better than many brands.

Extra Large 72 oz Pitcher

The extra-large pitcher has a maximum liquid capacity of 64 oz, which is perfect if you need to make a large number of your margaritas or anything you feel due for the body.

Sometimes the 72 oz may be too big, especially when you are serving for yourself. In that case, there are 16 oz single-serve cups. So, you can always make for a smaller quantity.

64 oz. Food Processor Bowl

Yes, most mummies fancy this feature because of the craving need for cookies. They have a brand that provides many other features, plus a food processor unit makes it an awesome package. The Ninja food processor bowl comes with two dedicated blades for even food chopping.

Lock-In Lid and Pour Spout

We have all experienced the frustration that comes with food spilling out. So, for convenience, the device has a locking lid and a pour spout to keep your food from spilling out.

Sturdy and Non-Slippery Base

The device’s base is padded with a non-skid rubber that keeps it firmly on the kitchen deck while blending or at rest. It will definitely require extra effort to lift it. In fact, I have seen one, and I know how hard it is to pull it from its stand.

Recipe Inspiration Guide

You have a free recipe book to explore the different flavors and cuisine offered by Ninja.

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Can Last a Lifetime

The device is made from a durable plastic material that is heat-resistant and would last you for years no matter what pressure it is subjected to. Also, each component has been tested for efficiency.

As a matter of fact, they have been in the market for years with lots of good reviews from customers.

Large Capacity Cups and Pitcher

The cups and pitchers are designed with users in mind because they come in varying sizes, giving you room to either make a large smoothie or dough for an entire family or something small to feed just one person.

Multifunction, Powerful Blades, and Motor

How incredible it is to have all three food and juice processing units in one device. Nothing beats its convenience. Above all, its powerful base motor and sharp blades make all these components work effectively to crush fruits and veggies.

Hence, making nutrient-rich drinks with a simple push of a button.


The product offers a 1-year limited warranty for any defective from the original unit. This helps build confidence among customers.


Not Compact and Not Easy to Store

Due to the many parts that come with it, you may find it bulky sitting on your kitchen deck or difficult to store after use.

Difficult to Clean

Just like every other product with such depth, it isn’t easy to clean. However, you can always look for a long brush to clean to do the cleaning. Also, check out your manual for directions on how to clean the device.

Technical Specifications

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender

  • Type: Countertop blender
  • Model: BL770
  • BPA free: Yes
  • Color: Black, Plastic
  • Cord length: 2.5 feet
  • Dishwasher-safe parts: Yes
  • Capacity: 72 oz Pitcher and 8-cup food processor bowl
  • Product dimensions: 9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Wattage: 1500 peak watts base

Ninja BL770 Replacement Parts & Accessories

Aside from the initial components of this professional kitchen system, you can replace parts and accessories when they get damaged. Here we will be including those parts and accessories that can be replaced.

  • Nutri Ninja Blade Assembly
  • Chopping Blade
  • Total Crushing Blade
  • Ninja Professional Prep System
  • 72 oz Ninja Pitcher with Lid
  • 16 oz Tritan Nutri Ninja Cup
  • 16 0z Tritan Nutri Ninja Cup with Lid
  • 64 oz Ninja Food Processor Bowl with Lid
  • Motor Base
  • Mini-Prep Bowl Kit
  • Nutri Ninja To-Go Lid
  • Recipe Book
  • Dough Blade

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Is Ninja Mega Kitchen System Worth the Price?

Ninja kitchen system is definitely worth every penny from your pocket. Its qualities and performance are top-notch. Imagine the amount of space you can save in your kitchen with this product. Above all, they have been in the business for years.

Do Nutri Ninja Cups Fit all Ninja Blenders?

Ninja blenders are designed to fit all Ninja cups. Try not to forget to screw them properly to the base.

Does Ninja Food Processor Slice?

Just like every other food processor from other brands, the Ninja food processor is designed to shred, slice, chop and puree almost any kind of food. It can also help in making vegetable juice, dough, and many more.


Against all odds, the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System is still a lovely product to bring to your kitchen. Remember, this is Ninja’s first Mega kitchen system and may still have its flaws. If you need the newer models, you can click the button below!.

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