Can You Freeze Pecan Pie? Easy Guide!

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You can freeze Pecan pie, and easily do so as well. In fact, the real question you should be asking yourself is, how can you freeze pecan pie, not whether or not you can freeze them.

Its low water content, as well as its heavy and compact texture aid the process of freezing, as it doesn’t allow it to turn soggy and mushy when defrosted.

How to Freeze Pecan Pie?

Freezing couldn’t be any simpler than that. The key to ensuring a successful freezing process to your pecan pie is to make sure your pie is well wrapped and not exposed to air so that it doesn’t get burnt by the freezing temperature.

You can either freeze the pecan pie as whole thing, or freeze the slices separately.

  1. I prefer to remove the pie from its box so that I can make sure it is well wrapped.
  2. Once you have the pie out of the box, wrap either the whole pie or its individual slices in cling film separately. I recommend double wrapping each piece with cling film so that the pecan pie isn’t exposed to freezer burns or any of the surrounding smells.
  3. For extra protection, place the wrapped pie inside a freezer bag and seal it. You can also place the wrapped pecan pie slices inside a freezer-friendly container so that they don’t get crushed by other food in the freezer.
  4. Label the containers with the date and their contents before placing them in the freezer so that you can distinguish them from all the other food inside the freezer.

Freezing individual slices allows you to defrost just the amount you need instead of the whole thing.

How to Defrost Your Pecan Pie?

Here are all the steps you need to easily defrost your frozen pecan pie:

  1. Transfer the frozen pecan pie from the freezer to the fridge and put it on the top shelf. This allows the frozen pecan pie to slowly defrost overnight. Leaving the frozen pecan pie on the counter can be a quicker alternative. However, it can turn mushy and soft.
  2. Once they saw, start unwrapping each pie slice. Serve and enjoy!

How long does pecan pie last in the freezer?

You can freeze pecan pie that isn’t baked in the freezer for up to four months without worrying about it losing its fresh taste and perfect texture.

While the baked ones can last for about two months in the freezer. If you aren’t planning to freeze pecan pie for long, refrigerating them can be a good option. They can stay in the fridge for 4 – 6 hours.

Does pecan pie freeze well?

I will let you be the judge of that once you try my freezing method. However, yes. They do freeze perfectly well. And you won’t need much to thaw them. You can also reheat the defrosted pecan pie in the oven for 20 minutes. It will be exactly like the freshly made one.

Can you freeze pecan pie before baking?

Yes. You can. I like to freeze my pecan pie before baking so that I can easily bake it whenever I am in a hurry. In addition to the fact that you can freeze it after baking, of course.


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