Can You Freeze Curry Paste? Easy Guide

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Generally speaking, yes. You absolutely can freeze Curry paste. In fact, I advise you to. That way, you get to eliminate food waste as much as possible, plus, this isn’t any food. Come on, it is the delicious Curry paste!

Keep in mind, though, freezing is good for curry paste, unlike refrigerating, which doesn’t really preserve Curry paste that much, only for a couple of weeks and no more.

Now for the homemade Curry paste.

Can you freeze homemade curry paste?

Yes. You can freeze homemade Curry paste the same as the readymade one. This tip was essential for me, as I like to make my own special customized Curry paste at home, because it allows me to adjust the amount and the ingredients according to my preference.

In addition to being able to save A LOT of effort and time when making Curry paste in large batches once a month or every other month and freezing it instead of cooking it from scratch every single  time!

Once you try freezing your own Curry paste and eating it, you will know why I am hyping about my freezing technique.
Spoiler alert: The taste and texture of the Curry paste isn’t affected by freezing. If done right, of course.

Can you freeze Thai curry paste?

I know how amazing the infamous Thai Curry paste is. I mean, the mix between green chillis, garlic, lemongrass and ginger is everything!
That’s why you will be happy to know that, yes. You can freeze it easily and have it ready whenever you want.

Can you freeze green curry paste?

Yes. You certainly can. Same as any other curry paste. I mean, you wouldn’t want this delicious bowl of spice to go to waste. Kind of contradicting when you think that green spicy peppers can be frozen, right?

Can you freeze red curry paste?

You already know. Yes. You can. Just follow the same instructions of freezing as any other Curry paste!

What is Curry paste?

For anyone that isn’t familiar with the unique Curry paste, know that it is basically the perfect mix between spices that are usually blended into a thick paste which can be diluted with coconut milk forming a dense and creamy sauce.

Different ingredients can be added that will result into different types of Curry paste. Green curry paste, Red Curry paste, and Thai curry paste.

How to freeze Curry paste

You have two ways to freeze your delicious Curry paste as a way to keep it for as long as you can without any loss in its amazing taste. These two alternatives allow you to freeze just the right amount so that you won’t have to defrost the whole batch for just a small portion.

Freezing curry paste in small tubs:

  • Pour your Curry paste into small plastic containers. A portion of 2 to 3 tablespoons is perfect for me, but you can add whatever portion you usually need.
  • Don’t overfill the plastic container as the Curry paste tends to expand a bit.
  • Label the plastic containers with the date and the contents of them so that it’s easy for you to later on distinguish it from the other food in the freezer.

Freezing curry paste in an ice cube tray

  1. A silicone ice tray works perfectly with the Curry paste. You won’t have to do anything except fill your silicone ice cube tray with the Curry paste without overfilling each hole.
  2. Cover the silicone ice cube tray with cling film, then label it with the date and the contents of the tray before you move it to the freezer.
  3. Once they solidify in the freezer, either use your ready ice-cubed Curry paste, or move the cubes to a freezer bag or plastic container to free the silicone ice cube tray.

How long can Curry paste last in the freezer?

Three months is an idealistic period of time for the Curry paste to stay fresh and filled with flavors. Any longer and you will risk freezer burns and deterioration in quality.

How to defrost Curry paste

Simply transfer the Curry paste from the freezer to the fridge and leave it to thaw slowly overnight in the fridge. This is the most guaranteed method of defrosting. However, you can also allow frozen Curry paste to thaw on the countertop, especially if it was stored in small portions, it will take less time to thaw.


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