Can You Freeze Cured Chorizo Sausage?

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Yes. You absolutely can!
Through this article I am going to share with you the step-by-step guide of how to freeze your Chorizo sausages and I will also try to answer as many of the lingering questions you have in mind as I can.

Chorizo sausages are one of my favorite European delicacies that I am absolutely obsessed with. They could be whole sausages, slices or, even a Mexican version. That’s why, I made it a necessity to know how to freeze each form of the cured Chorizo sausages.

What is cured chorizo?

Whenever the word “Cured” is found with any type of meat or food. It usually means that it is already precooked, meaning you won’t need to cook it. You could still however cook it, but it is not necessary.

All you need to do is to just check the back of the packaging to know whether they are cured or not before you proceed with any steps.

Bear in mind, though, that Mexican Chorizo sausage is usually fresh and not cured, so it will probably require you to cook it before enjoying it.

How to freeze cured chorizo sausage?

Before we go on with the exact steps of freezing, know that freezing already sealed and packed Chorizo sausages, whether sliced or Mexican ones doesn’t require more than directly placing them in the freezer.

I always like to freeze my Chorizo sausages after slicing them. This allows me to easily defrost the portion I need and will be way quicker than thawing whole sausages.

How to freeze chorizo sausage

The flash freezing method is definitely my go-to method when it comes to freezing Chorizo sausages. It eliminates any chance of the sausage slices from clumping to each other. Just make sure they are cool before moving them to the freezer.

  1. Start by slicing whole sausages into 1/2 – inch slices.
  2. Align the slices on a baking tray away from each other, then transfer the tray to the freezer for the sausage slices to solidify.
  3. Once they are solid, pour them into a suitable freezer bag or plastic freezer-safe tub. Move the bag to the freezer after making sure as much of the air is released. This will minimize any chance of freezer burns.
  4. Label the freezer bag containing the chorizo slices with the date and the contents so that it is easy for you to later distinguish it from all the other food in the freezer.

Do you need to freeze chorizo?

Cured meats don’t usually require freezing as they tend to be preserved for a really long time, especially if unopened. So, it really depends on whether it is necessary to freeze the sausages or not.

How long does vacuum packed chorizo last?

Unsealed packed sausages can last for up to six months in the fridge. While if they were left at room temperature with the seal still intact but away from direct sunlight and any moist surrounding, then they could stay for a month or so.

How long does chorizo last in the fridge?

If the sealed package was opened, then Chorizo sausage slices can last for about a week or so in the fridge, while if they are cured then you can expect about two weeks in the fridge.

Can you freeze cooked chorizo sausage?

Yes. Just make sure they are cool enough or at least at room temperature before you freeze them. This is an excellent way for you to just refreeze your previously frozen Chorizo sausage.

Can you freeze cured chorizo sausage?

Of course you can!
In fact, I prefer to buy Chorizo sausages in bulk, freeze them, and then defrost them whenever I want since freezing almost doesn’t affect the texture or the taste of Chorizo sausages.

Can you freeze Mexican chorizo?

Even though Mexican Chorizo sausages are different from most of the other Spanish Chorizo sausages since they are not cured, so technically raw, and require cooking before eating, yet you can easily freeze them prior to or after cooking.

Can you freeze homemade chorizo?

I know how popular the new trendy Chorizo-making kits are. I mean, I use them myself and they are very successful. However, as useful as these things are, they tend to produce quite a lot. That’s when freezing comes in handy, which is very efficient, even with homemade Chorizo sausages!

Can you freeze fresh chorizo?

Yup. You definitely can!
It won’t even take you any extra steps than freezing any other form of Chorizo sausage. Yes. They aren’t cured. But, you can still freeze them.

Can you freeze chorizo slices?

Whether they are thin slices, freshly cut, or store-bought Chorizo slices, you can easily and efficiently freeze them!

How long does chorizo last in the freezer

Expect a maximum of six months in the freezer with their high quality still intact in the freezer before they start to slowly lose their texture and flavor.

How to defrost chorizo sausage

Just move the bag containing the frozen Chorizo sausages from the freezer to the fridge and allow them to thaw slowly overnight.

In case of sliced Chorizo sausages then it should take more than a few hours to completely defrost. Unlike whole sausages, which can take up to a whole day to defrost.

Once they thaw, you can enjoy them however you usually would.

Can you refreeze chorizo?

Well. Since refreezing doesn’t usually retain the taste or texture of the food, it is not generally recommended. However, you can, in fact, refreeze Mexican Chorizo sausages only after cooking them. So first, freeze them raw. Cook them, freeze for a second time.

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