Can You Freeze Chestnut Puree?

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Chestnuts are the coziest winter fruit that can ever exist. It warms my heart during the coldest of days, especially the Chestnut puree, which is basically the mashed pure extract of the beautifully roasted chestnuts. The perfect treat to a cold and windy winter day!

I like to make my own chestnut puree, and since it is not the easiest to make, that’s why I tend to make a lot of it and freeze it. So if you are asking yourself this question “Can you freeze chestnut puree” Then I am gladly here to answer you with a big YES. You absolutely can!

What is chestnut puree used for?

Although it is delicious on its own, yet, Chestnut puree can be used as an ingredient in some flavorful dishes like Chocolate and Chestnut Cake, Chestnut Stuffing Recipes, or Pasta With Chestnut & Mushroom Sauce. All enjoyed during the festive Christmas season.

How to freeze chestnut puree?

It couldn’t be simpler than pouring your chestnut puree straight into a freezer-friendly container, then labelling it with the date and the content of the container so that you can later easily distinguish it from other stored food in the freezer.

In the case of a store-bought glass jar containing chestnut puree, then go right ahead and put it directly in the freezer without anything else.

An alternative option which I think is pretty smart, is pouring the chestnut puree in a silicone ice cube tray which will facilitate the defrosting process for you, as it will be much easier to defrost just the number of chestnut puree needed without getting the whole container out.

An extra tip that really goes a long way in the freezing process is adding just a little bit of sugar to the chestnut puree before freezing. This helps in preserving the puree in the freezer for longer.

How to defrost chestnut puree?

Personally speaking, I like to let my frozen chestnut puree defrost slowly in the fridge overnight to guarantee its complete thawing. However, a few hours in the fridge is enough for the puree to be ready.

On the other hand chestnut cubes can be taken straight from the freezer to a pot filled with soup or sauce on an active heat. No defrosting is needed.

How long does chestnut puree keep in the freezer?

It can easily stay in the freezer for up to 3 months, retaining its premium quality. Only after 3 months will it start to lose its taste a bit, yet, it will still be safe to eat and very much enjoyed.

It can also stay in the fridge for a few weeks once the jar is opened.

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