Can You Freeze Carrot and Coriander Soup?

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Yes. You can freeze carrot and coriander soup and easily do so as well. In fact, it is usually easy to freeze any type of carrot soup. Whether it is creamy, with chicken or vegetable broth or in that case, with coriander.

I know how tempting and perfect it is to cook carrot and coriander soup or any type of soup in large batches and simply freeze it in serving-sized portions, especially during this cold weather. That’s why, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about freezing carrot and coriander soup.

These steps work perfectly with both, store-bought or freshly made carrot soup. Just remember, the fresher the carrot and coriander soap, the longer and better it can withstand freezing. If you suspect it to have any change in smell or texture, then it is better to discard it than to freeze it!

How can I freeze Carrot and coriander soup?

Before we go into the exact steps of freezing carrot and coriander soup, keep in mind that the smaller the portion frozen, the easier and less time it would take to completely defrost. That’s why, I recommend freezing the soup in serving-sized portions instead of one big batch. This will decrease the chance of refreezing the leftover soup.

Make sure that the freshly cooked soup is completely cool before you attempt to freeze it. And also that the carrot and coriander soup is brought to a boil for at least 25 minutes before placing it in the freezer. The fresher you put it in the freezer, the longer it will keep in the freezer without any risk of spoilage.

  1. Once the carrot and coriander soup is cool to at least room temperature, pour the soup in a freezer-friendly container or a freezer bag. Don’t overfill it as the carrot and coriander soup tends to expand upon freezing.
  2. Tightly seal the container or the bag containing the soup. Label it with the date of freezing and the contents so that it is easier for you to distinguish the soup from all the other food in the freezer.
  3. Move the container or the bag to the freezer.

How long can carrot and coriander soup stay in the freezer?

Carrot and coriander soup can last in the freezer for up to 6 months. However, it can also be refrigerated for up to 4 days. But, it is better to freeze it as fresh as possible.

How can I defrost carrot and coriander soup?

I prefer to place my frozen carrot and coriander soup in the fridge and allow it to slowly cook overnight without rushing it. This guarantees an effective and safe thawing of your food.

There is also a rather quick alternative, which is placing your soup in the microwave for a few minutes after adjusting the settings to “Defrost”.

And of course, if you are lazy like me, you can just pour it in a pot and allow it to defrost slowly on “Low” heat.


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