Maxi-Matic Elite Pressure Cooker Reviews

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Elite is one of those brands that have streamlined their pressure cookers to meet industrial standards. Its impeccable designs and quality in performance have kept its spot among several brands like Instant pot.

Do you think it’s worth the hype? Yes! It is definitely worth the hype because their features are top-notch, affordable, and have a rich history of designing prestigious pressure cookers and other kitchen appliances. But the question remains, How well does this pressure cooker perform compare to other products?”

Keep reading as we review the top model in the platinum series from this brand, the features, and how it lives up to standard.

What Makes Elite Pressure Cooker Unique

Elite Platinum Maxi-Matic 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

There are notably some similarities with this brand to other brands in the market. First, you need to understand that all pressure cooker comes in various models and Elite is no exception.

The product comes in various models with slight differences but with the best quality. Generally, they all have something in common, hence, why you need to understand to know the one that is best for your kitchen.

However, if you are to choose an Elite pressure cooker, there is a high probability that you would go for the Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum pressure cooker. They are the top in that series, and it is the trend of the new era for numerous reasons.

So, why the platinum series? The Elite platinum series is digitally equipped with one of the best safety mechanisms for maximum safety and better operation while cooking. These safety mechanisms include self-resetting fuse, temperature-limiting, over-pressurization, and pressure-limiting protection. This is something you might not get in some other brands.

The designers of this cooker understand the need for a modern cooking style and implemented one of the most advanced digital technology for faster and healthier cooking. This technology also provides an airtight cooking method to preserve the taste and flavor of your meal.

Aside from the smooth and easy-to-use features, this brand has built-in intelligent sensors that monitor the temperature, weight of the food, and pressure while you cook. What more? It also monitors the time it takes to prepare your meal, eliminating all the hassle you face by manually adjusting the time.

Never doubt the power of this pressure cooker. At first glance, it might seem complicated to use but be rest assured that it is easy, safe, and most of all, affordable.

Elite Platinum EPC-414R Maxi-Matic 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

Elite Platinum EPC-414R Maxi-Matic 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

The Elite Maxi-Matic pressure cooker comes in 4-quart. It is built with the best technology to save you time and energy while cooking. It has multitudes of preprogrammed cooking functions that give you ultimate control over your meals. The LED display shows the cooking timer up to 99 minutes and a delay timer of up to 24 hours.

The product also comes with fully designed warming and browning features that keep your meat brown and scorchy while still producing a delicious scent with a moist and soft interior. The pot warming feature can keep your food warm up to 12 hours after pressure cooking.

This 4-quart pressure pot measures 11.81 inches long, 11.81 inches wide, and 12.2 inches tall while weighing up to 10 pounds. It can make a variety of meals for a family of 4.

Interestingly, when it comes to durability, this product champs. The elegant design of the pressure cooker is made from a durable stainless steel material and a nonstick interior pot for easy maintenance.

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Features and Specs

9 Easy-to-use Preprogrammed Menu functions

This pressure cooker is preprogrammed with 9 different functions: desserts; steam; meat & chicken; keep warm; slow cook; soup & stew; beans & grains; brown/sauté; and rice function.

The different functions enable you to prepare any kind of meal in a fraction of minutes. The most notable function of this device is the keep warm function which keeps your food warm all through for hours after pressure cooking.

Also, the browning function gives your meat a scorchy and brownish appearance that is tasty and delicious.

Cooking Timer and 24 Hours Delay Timer

The product offers an ultimately controllable timer that gives you the free will to program your cooking to any desirable time between 0-99 minutes. Also, the countdown timer allows you to delay your cooking time for up to 24 hours.

LCD Display

It features an LCD display that clearly shows the countdown of the cooking time and the delay time throughout the cooking process.

Reduce Cooking time by 70%

Its airtight lid and technology reduce the time required to make your meal by 70% compared to using a traditional cooking method. Thus, eliminating the stress and excessive time spent making your favorite meal.

Removable Nonstick Inner Pot

For proper maintenance, the inner pot of the pressure cooker is made with a coating material that prevents food from sticking during cooking. The inner pot is also superconductive, which helps to keep your meal warm and ready to serve from the pot.

Safety Lid with Steam Release Vent

For safety, the cooker features an insulated lid and handle that resists heat for safe handling. The steam release vent prevents your food from boiling over.


Durable Material

Pressure cookers made from stainless steel tend to be more durable and long-lasting than those from aluminum. They do not incur stain and are very easy to maintain. Also, a stainless steel pressure cooker is best for browning and sauteing without frequent attention because heat is well managed.

Easy-to-Use Functions and Convenience in Operation

Customers that have used this product for the first time never find it difficult to surf through the functions. Also, praises have been showered on this product due to its limitless number of meals it can prepare.

Limited Warranty Period

The device is warranted to be free from defects from the time of purchase to one year of use with chord excluded. However, this warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser. The limited warranty covers appliances when the product is purchased and used within the 50 US states.


The technology of this model relatively works together with other features of this pressure cooker to provide the best safety measures throughout the cooking cycle.


Faulty or Missing Parts

Some customers have complained about having faulty sensors months after use. Others have complained about some missing parts of the product. Many others have also used this product for years without fault.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Cook 4 Cups of Rice with Elite?

It takes between 26-70 minutes to finish cooking rice using an Elite pressure cooker. However, the timing depends on the type of rice you are cooking. Brown rice might take a little longer than this.

Is Elite Pressure Cooker Better than Instant Pot?

Both offer incredible designs and functions. They are also available in a wide array of sizes. It’s hard to make a choice as they both offer similar functions.

What Can’t You Cook In a Pressure Cooker?

The Elite pressure cooker is not a fryer, neither is a fryer it included in the accessories. So the pot is not designed for high temperature for frying crispy or chicken.

Does it Come with Free Cookbook?

There are numerous recipes you can prepare with this device. Unfortunately, the product does not come with a recipe book. However, you could easily purchase a cookbook or visit their website. Note that you can’t do two recipes at once.

Is Cooking Vegetables or Sweet Potatoes In Pressure Cooker Healthy?

Pressure cooking can reduce heat-sensitive nutrients found in some of these vegetables, such as vitamin C and folate. However, this does not in any way reduce any of the health-beneficial nutrients found in potatoes.


When it comes to pressure cookers, Elite platinum is one of those series you should consider. Not only does it offer convenience in usage, but they are also on the top chart when it comes to safety. It never goes off-fashioned. Their contemporary design can fit in any kitchen.

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