Can You Freeze Lentil Curry? – Easy Guide!

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Fortunately for all the Indian food lovers out there. You can, in fact, freeze Lentil curry.

The amazing lentil curry, also known as, Dhal, Dal, or Daal is one of my forever favorite dinner dishes, served with naan bread or rice. That’s why, I am not always faced with the dilemma of Lentil curry leftovers.

However, on the occasions that I make more than I would normally eat, I like to store it for as long as I can. Throwing it away is definitely not the case.

When I first tried freezing Dhal, I literally didn’t imagine it to come out as perfect as it did. I mean, the taste and texture was exactly like the freshly made one with all the spices, onions, and tomatoes.

How to freeze lentil curry

Here are all the steps you will need to successfully freeze your lentil curry:

  1. Before you attempt to freeze your lentil curry, you have to make sure that it is cool to at least room temperature. Pouring the lentil curry into small bowls will help speed up the process of cooling if freshly cooked.
  2. Once it cools enough, pour the lentil curry into freezer bags or freezer-friendly containers. It is better to split the large batch into small serving-sized portions so that it is easier to later defrost just the portion you require.
  3. Lentil curry will expand in the container upon freezing, so it is important to leave a ½ inch of free space and not to overfill the container.
  4. Try to squeeze as much of the air as you can before tightly sealing the freezer bag with the lentil curry to avoid freezer burns.
  5. Label the bag or the container with the date of freezing and the contents so that it is easier for you to distinguish it from all the other food stored in the freezer.
  6. Now, you can freeze it.

How long can lentil curry last in the freezer?

Daal can withstand freezing for up to six months. While it can stay in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.

How to defrost dal /thaw lentil curry

I recommend transferring your lentil curry from the freezer to the fridge and allowing it to slowly defrost overnight without rushing the process. This will allow the food to defrost without risking bacterial contamination.

As a general rule, the smaller the frozen portion of food, the less time it would take to completely defrost. That’s why, freezing small serving-sizes of lentil curry is better than whole batches.

Another alternative for defrosting small portions is to just microwave it on the “Defrost” settings.

Can I Freeze and Reheat Lentil Curry From The Takeaway?

This is very important to know since usually you wouldn’t know whether your takeaway was previously frozen or whether it was reheated more than once. That’s why, I prefer not to try to store leftovers from a lentil curry takeaway, because freezing already frozen and reheated food is a big no.

It is better to stay safe and avoid the whole thing.


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