Can You Freeze Dried Cranberries?

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Yes. You can easily freeze dried cranberries. Putting them inside a freezer container guarantees their intact form and preserves the fresh cranberries flavor for a longer time.

Dried cranberries tend to have a longer shelf life than fresh ones. However, they still spoil after some time once the container is opened.

That’s why, I love to freeze my dried cranberries to have them readily fresh in my freezer whenever I crave a healthy snack, especially because of the fact that these shiny, pink, and flavored fruit is a seasonal fruit and sadly not found all year long.

How to freeze dried cranberries?

Freezing dried cranberries can be fairly easy and not require much effort.

However, there is a certain technique, the flash freezing technique that you need to follow when it comes to freezing fruits in general and that’s to make sure they are separated and frozen in a way that they don’t stick all together into one big clump or form ice crystals that can break apart the cell walls and result into frozen cranberries with soft texture.

Here are the detailed steps for freezing dried cranberries:

  1. Start by lining your baking tray with a cookie sheet. Spread your dried cranberries over the lined baking tray evenly and away from each other. Don’t over stack many layers on top of each other. Repeat the process if you have a large batch.
  2. Flash freeze your dried cranberries in the freezer. It shouldn’t take long. Only 45 minutes or so.
  3. Once you are sure that your dried cranberries are frozen enough and their shape is intact, place them in a freezer-safe container to be stored in the freezer.
  4. Label the container with the date of freezing and the contents of the container before you place it in the freezer so that you can easily distinguish its contents from all the other food in the freezer.

How long can dried cranberries stay in the freezer?

Dried cranberries can last in the freezer for up to 1 year while retaining their best quality. Keep in mind, though, that they can stay for longer than a year in the freezer. However, don’t expect them to retain the same taste and texture. So it is better to enjoy them within a year of freezing.

How to choose a proper storage container for your frozen dried cranberries?

The most important thing we want to make sure of whenever we try to freeze any type of fruit is to have a firm and not soggy fruit, all while retaining its delicious taste as prior to freezing.

That’s why, it is important to choose the right container when it comes to freezing dried cranberries, to avoid the formation of dry crystals that can turn the dried cranberries into mush.

1. Freezer container:

It is one of the best choices when it comes to freezing dried cranberries, as it can keep its contents safe from all the surrounding food inside of the freezer. So very minimal chance for the cranberries to lose their texture when frozen.

Airtight container is the best when it comes to keeping the taste and smell of the dried fruit intact.

2. Plastic freezer bags:

Although plastic freezer bags can expose dried cranberries to be crushed by other food in the freezer, yet they have the advantage of taking up a small space in your freezer, all while doing their job of containing the frozen dried cranberries.

3. Glass jar:

The great advantage of using mason jars to store your dried cranberries is that they tend to keep their contents away from air and moisture, whether you are going to freeze them or even keep them in your pantry.

Dry cranberries can only last for four weeks if they are kept inside a tightly sealed clean mason jar over the counter and not frozen.

Also, placing dried cranberries inside a sealable plastic bag and tightly sealing it, in a dark place away from the light and moisture can allow them to last for a few weeks.

All in all, if dried cranberries are properly stored and kept either in a mason jar, plastic bag, or a plastic container, they can last in the fridge for up to 8 months!

Frequently asked questions:

Here are a list of related questions to the topic of freezing dried cranberries that I came across in case they ever crossed your mind.

How can I know that my dried cranberries are spoiled?

I know it might come as a shock to some people that dried fruits are liable for contamination and spoilage just like any other fresh fruit. Yes. The drying process can prolong their shelf life for a little longer, but not for ever. Just look for all the normal signs of spoilage like strange appearance, weird smell, taste or just plain old signs of mold.

Can expired dried cranberries be consumed?

Generally speaking, dried cranberries don’t have an expiry date, but rather a best use-by date which guarantees their high quality and flavor. However, you should always check for any signs of spoilage to your dried fruits once they pass their best use-by date.

How can I keep my frozen dried cranberries moist?

Once your frozen dried cranberries defrost, place them inside a pot filled with boiling water. Allow the cranberries to soak in the water for 15 minutes or so. Drain the water and you will have yourself moist and fluffy cranberries. Using rum, bourbon, brandy or fruit juice instead of water is also a good idea.

This is a perfect way to make your fruit pudding or cranberry sauce and also can easily be incorporated into pastry fillings like kolaches.

What are the benefits of dried cranberries?

Because of the fact that they are dried, they are highly nutritious and filled with health benefits. In fact, they are a great source of fiber, and vitamin E. But also, Vitamins like A, B-complex and K. In addition to minerals manganese, iron, and copper.

Keep in mind, though, that they do contain a large amount of sugars, so if you are diabetic or trying to maintain a certain diet, don’t overeat dried cranberries.


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