Can You Freeze Corned Beef? – Ultimate Guide

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Yes. You can absolutely freeze Corned beef, and easily do so as well. Whether it is cooked or uncooked, freezing is always possible.

Since corned beef is already salt cured, which means it is well preserved in a way and made to withstand sometime if left in a cool, dry place without risking its spoilage. However, I resort to freezing whenever the cured corned beef is near its expiry date.

Keep in mind, though, freezing can extend corned beef’s life a bit longer. However, it might affect its texture and taste slightly, so it might not be as perfect as before freezing.

How to Freeze Corned Beef?

In the coming section, I am going to share with you the step-by-step guide to freezing different options of corned beef.

Freezing uncooked whole corned beef

The most important thing before you attempt to freeze an uncooked, whole corned beef is to first drain it from all the excess moisture that it contains. This is important because excess salt found in the water contained in the corned meat can affect the outcome of the freezing process.

  1. Once you are sure that most of the moisture contained in the meat is drained, double wrap the whole meat portion in cling film or plastic wrap.
  2. Make sure every portion of the meat is covered so that it is not liable to any freezer burns.
  3. Place the wrapped portion of meat inside a freezer bag. Seal it tightly after releasing as much of the air as you can.
  4. Label the freezer bag with the date of freezing and its contents so that it is easy for you to later distinguish it from all the other food placed in the freezer.
  5. Place the bag deep inside the freezer.

Freezing Uncooked Slices of Corned Beef

I prefer to freeze sliced corned beef whether it is cooked or uncooked, as it is much easier to be defrosted and takes less time than if defrosted as a whole cut. In addition to the fact that it allows me to just take the portion or the number of slices that I need out of the freezer instead of the whole frozen cut.

  1. After draining the excess moisture from the meat and slicing it up, divide the slices into portions.
  2. Double wrap each portion of uncooked meat in plastic wrap or cling film. Make sure there are no exposed parts.
  3. Place each wrapped portion in a separate freezer bag so that it is easier for you to take the portion you will need out of the freezer.
  4. Seal the bags tightly after squeezing as much of the air out of the bag.
  5. Label the freezer bag with the date of freezing and its contents so that it is easy for you to later distinguish it from all the other food placed in the freezer.
  6. Place them in the freezer.

Freezing cooked corned beef

Cooked meat can need an extra step for freezing, as cooked meat is filled with different spices and flavors which will be affected by the freezing process. To avoid this, it is best to vacuum seal the cooked corned meat.

  1. Once your cooked meat is cool enough to at least room temperature. Place it in a freezer bag. Vacuum seal the bag.
  2. Label the vacuum-sealed bag with the date of freezing and its contents.
  3. Place it in the freezer.
  4. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, follow the same steps as for the uncooked corned beef.

There it is. Everything you need to know about freezing corned beef.

One extra tip. If you have canned corned beef, it is important to remove the corned beef from the tin can. You can follow the same steps as above.

How long can corned beef stay in the freezer?

Uncooked corned beef can last in the freezer for 6 to 8 months. Cooked corned beef and canned corned beef can last for about 6 months in the freezer. The sooner you take it out of the fridge, the tastier it will be.

How to defrost the frozen corned beef?

I prefer to transfer the frozen corned beef from the freezer to the fridge and allow it to slowly thaw overnight without rushing it. That way, I don’t risk bacterial contamination. Once it completely defrosts, I can add it to any dish if it is uncooked, or just reheat it if it is already cooked.

What to do with Leftover Corned Beef?

Here are all the ways you can use your extra corned beef or any leftovers you might have stored.

Corned beef hash

The perfect and most fulfilling dinner you can possibly think of. Potatoes, veggies, spices, and of course, corned beef, along with a couple of pouched eggs on top make up a complete and delicious dish to start up your morning with.

Pizza Topping

Corned beef works perfectly as a pizza topping. In fact, I tend to use it instead of pepperonis. All you have to do is just shred it into small pieces using a knife and a fork, and sprinkle it on top before placing the pizza in the oven to bake as you normally would.

Casseroles and Soups

Casseroles are reserved for big, hearty dinners that are filled with too many veggies and spices. Throwing in your leftover corned beef is one of the best ideas you can follow.


Same as the casseroles and soups. Adding leftover corned beef to stews gives an extra kick of deliciousness.

Wrap fillings

Adding corned beef to your cabbage or lettuce wrap filling can take it to a whole new level. The extra rich flavor of the corned beef along with the zesty, sweet taste of the mayo and mustard is the best and most enjoyable snack.


Not many people recommend freezing corned beef since it can already stay for some time without refrigerating. However, following the previously mentioned steps, you can easily and successfully do so.


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