Can You Freeze Chip Shop Chips?

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Chip shop chips, also known as fish and chips, are a beloved food in many parts of the world. The crispy exterior and fluffy interior make chip shop chips an irresistible treat.

However, it can be impractical to visit the chippy every time you want some chips. So can you freeze Chip Shop chips to enjoy later?

The Benefits of Freezing Chip Shop Chips

Freezing chip shop chips has several advantages:


Having a stash of frozen chips on hand means you can enjoy this tasty snack whenever you want. There’s no need to make a special trip to the chippy. Just pop some frozen chips in the oven or air fryer for quick access to this comfort food.


Buying a large serving of chips and freezing portions is often cheaper than purchasing a small serving each time. Freezing allows you to take advantage of specials or bulk pricing.

Preserve Freshness

Freezing chips shortly after purchase helps lock in that just-cooked flavor and texture. It’s better to freeze chips at their peak freshness than to eat reheated chips that have been sitting in the fridge.

Meal Prepping

Freeze chips in ready-to-bake portions along with fish fillets for easy fish and chips meals later. Having the ingredients prepped makes dinner a breeze.

Avoid Food waste.

If you can’t finish a large serving of chips before they go stale, freezing preserves them, so none of that delicious food goes to waste.

How to Freeze Chip Shop Chips

Freezing chip shop chips is simple, but there are some tips for doing it right:

Let Chips Cool

Don’t freeze piping-hot chips straight from the fryer. Let them cool completely first so they don’t continue cooking and get soggy in the freezer.

Use Portion sizes.

Divide chips into sensible portion sizes before freezing. This avoids continually thawing and refreezing large batches. Good portion sizes are usually around 300–400 g.

Seal Airtight

Place portions in a single layer in airtight bags or containers. Squeeze out excess air and seal to prevent freezer burn.

Freeze Immediately

Put the chips in the freezer as soon as they have cooled to room temperature. The quicker chips are frozen, the better their texture stays.

Label Bags

Write the date on bags or containers so you know how long the chips have been frozen. 3 months is generally the maximum for the best quality.

Reheat from Frozen

Don’t thaw chips before cooking. Frozen chips can go straight into hot oil or a hot oven.

The Best Ways to Cook Frozen Chip Shop Chips

Cooking frozen chips properly is important for getting that authentic chip shop texture.

Deep Fry

Deep-frying is the best way to recreate the chip shop experience at home. Fry frozen chips in small batches at 170°C until golden brown.

Oven Cook

Bake frozen chips on a lined baking tray in a 220°C oven, turning halfway through, until crispy. Add a spritz of oil for extra crispness.

Air Fry

Air-frying is a fast, oil-free option. Cook frozen chips in a single layer at 200°C for 15–20 minutes, shaking the basket halfway.

Instant Pot

Yes, you can instant-pot frozen chips! Add 1 cup of water to the pot and cook the frozen chips on high pressure for 1 minute, then allow the pressure to release.

No matter how you cook them, frozen chip shop chips will revive that crunchy, flaky texture once heated. Now you can enjoy this treat at any time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Freezing Chip Shop Chips

How long do chip shop chips last in the freezer?

Properly stored frozen chips maintain their quality for 3–6 months. Their texture suffers after that.

Can you refreeze chip shop chips?

It’s best not to refreeze thawed chips. Refreezing causes more ice crystal formation, damaging the texture.

What is the best freezer bag for chip shop chips?

Look for heavy-duty freezer bags designed specifically for freezing foods. Double bagging provides extra protection.

How do you reheat frozen chip shop chips?

Oven baking, air frying, or deep frying frozen chips results in the best texture. Microwaving tends to make them soggy.

Why do my frozen chips come out soft?

Chips thaw out if stored improperly or kept too long. Letting moisture leak into the packaging also causes ice crystals to form.

Can you freeze Chip Shop chips twice cooked?

Freezing twice-cooked chips like those used for poutine is not recommended. The texture changes too much when refrozen after the second fry.

Do you add oil when oven-cooking frozen chips?

Yes, lightly brushing frozen chips with oil or cooking spray before baking in the oven helps achieve a crispy exterior.

How do chip shops freeze their chips?

Most chippies use commercial flash freezers to quickly freeze cooked chips down to -18°C before storing and reheating them later in fryers.


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