Can I Use a Metal or Steel Bowl in an Air Fryer? Let’s Find out

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No matter how long you have been using an air fryer, you will always have some questions about it. Especially when you plan to try something new like an air fryer for baking a cake, you start wondering if it is safe to use a steel bowl in an air fryer. Since it’s your first time using a steel or aluminum bowl, you would like to research all about it to ensure that you are not putting your expensive air fryer at risk. In my personal opinion, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t search any more for questions hammering your mind: Can I use a steel bowl in my air fryer? OR, What Types of bowls Can I use in an air fryer I’m here to unlock its detailed answer below for your ultimate guidance.

Is it Safe to Use Steel Bowls in an Air Fryer?

Yes, it’s safe to use a steel bowl in your air fryer only when it has clear markings of “OVEN SAFE.” Would you please check your steel bowl to know whether it is oven safe or not? You can easily find markings underneath this bowl.

What if there are no such markings? In that scenario, I suggest never using it in an air fryer. Also, don’t rely only on claims from manufacturers. Some sellers claim that the product is oven safe while there are no markings. So, you need to remain cautious when it happens.

Is it Dangerous to Use a Metal Bowl in an Air Fryer?

If a bowl isn’t oven safe and you put it in an electric appliance, it is a dangerous move. In the case of the glass bowl, the main concern usually is that it will be shattered. However, in the case of metallic bowls, things become pretty severe. When this bowl heats up at a very high temperature, metallic compounds and paint start breaking down and leech directly into food. Just imagine eating food mixed with harmful chemicals. I know it’s the worst imagination to have.

When you are not 100 percent sure that a metallic bowl isn’t oven-safe, please don’t use a stainless steel bowl in an air fryer as it will put your health at risk. According to scientific experts, slight leaching of metals in food has become a significant cause of many health problems in human beings. Metallic leaching is dangerous for health. You can complete your own research on this matter to find out whether it’s safe to use a stainless steel bowl in an air fryer or not.

Why Do You Use a Bowl in an Air Fryer?

An air fryer comes with a basket where you put food for frying purposes. Personally, I’m not particularly eager to put any other cookware inside the air fryer as it may decrease the efficiency of the air fryer. As we all know, food cooks appropriately in an air fryer as hot air circulates from every side. If you place a bowl inside, it will restrict that airflow, and your food won’t get as crispy as you want it to be.

There are no holes inside bowls. Therefore you can’t use this bowl for a crispy food recipe. If you do so, then the food won’t cook evenly. And you would never like to taste an uncooked meal, do you? You opt for an air fryer as you want to enjoy consistent heat results at a good speed. Putting a bowl is like an obstruction that will not let hot air surround your food quickly. Yes, you can bake in this appliance. But it’s great to try those recipes where you can use a basket for food.

Mainly, you need to use a bowl in the air fryer when you start cooking with liquid food form. In that case, you can’t use a basket, and a container is required to hold it. For example, you need a bowl to put all the cake ingredients in an air fryer.

Two Things to Consider Before Using a Steel Bowl in Air Fryer

I told you you could put a steel bowl in this kitchen appliance only when marking “Oven Safe.” But before you put it there, I would be extra cautious by looking into two critical things. These are:

1. Coating and Paint

Look at your steel bowl and see whether there is any coating, paint, or pattern or not. At high temperatures, the paint of the bowl breaks down. Metallic bowl with paint looks beautiful, but you shouldn’t use them for extreme temperature cooking. The base material may work under high temperatures or might not get damaged. But coating or paint starts deteriorating over time. If that happens with a steel bowl, you better not use it. A bowl with pattern and paint looks great, but it doesn’t always work great under intense heat.

If the painted bowl is oven safe, use it. Otherwise, get a simple one. When a steel bowl has enamel paint, it can withstand the high temperature of the oven. If it’s safe for use in the oven, definitely it’s safe to use this bowl in your air fryer.

2. Nonstick Air fryer Basket

If you use a metallic bowl with a basket of air fryers, it may cause damage to your basket (especially one that has a nonstick coating). Besides, if food particles stick with the surface, cleaning will become a real hassle. So, it’s good to get a clear idea of whether it is safe to use a metal bowl inside your air fryer.

Some Alternatives of Steel Bowls

If you have doubts that a steel or metal bowl isn’t oven-safe or you don’t like to rely only on a claim, it’s better simply not to use that bowl in an air fryer; to stay on the safe side. If you are looking for a metallic bowl alternative, go with a glass Pyrex bowl of premium quality (oven-safe again) in your air fryer or a metal baking tin. These are two great options, indeed.

Can I Use a Stainless Steel Bowl in an Air Fryer?

If you have a pure stainless steel bowl in your hand, please don’t use it in your appliance. Why? It’s because this metal isn’t an excellent heat conductor. If you go with it, you will have an uneven cooking experience. However, if your stainless steel bowl has another metallic core like copper, aluminum, etc., you can go with it.

Final Words

Now you have got a clear answer in mind for the question: Can I use a Metal or Steel Bowl in an Air fryer? Always check markings and labels of your cookware. When it states clearly that a bowl is oven-safe, you can use it without concerning much. If there is no such statement, please keep yourself safe by not going with the idea of keeping a steel bowl in the appliance. Besides, if you do this, then it will be a wrong move.

Your air fryer is expensive, and it will get damaged due to mishandling. If you ask me whether I will use a steel bowl with paint or pattern in my air fryer, the simple answer is, “I will never do that.” It’s because a painted bowl has more risk of getting damaged by heat than a non-painted one. Instead of breaking down the beauty of my painted bowl and wasting my money down the drain, I will consider spending a bit extra on a non-painted steel bowl.

I would like to hear from you guys. Do you have any experience using a stainless steel bowl in an air fryer? Or Did you use a painted/patterned metal bowl in your air fryer? If yes, please share your experience with this cookware in my comment section, which you can find below.


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